17-01 Out of Town Job Fairs/Recruitment Events


16-01 Trade Adjustment Assistance Warning and Recovation Letters

16-02 Changes to SCWOS Terms and Conditions

16-03 Workplace Civility

16-04 Legal Aid Services for WIOA Title I Participants

16-05 Homeless Veteran's  Reintegration Program 

16-06 Grievance and Complaint Procedures under WIOA

16-07 Trade Adjustment Assistance Vouchers

16-08 SCWOS Partner Privileges

16-10 Sanctions for Violations of Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Provisions

16-11 Mileage Reimbursement Rate

16-12 Equal Opportunity is the Law Notices 

16-13 UI Resources for SC Works Staff

16-14 Significant Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker (MSFW) Designations

16-15 Confidentiality of Equal Opportunity Records

16-16 Facility and Program Accessibility under WIOA
           Disability Access Checklist
16-17 Implementation of the Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Requirements of WIOA

16-18 Rights to File a Grievance or Complaint under WIOA
           English (add your contact info and contact info for Dana Wood)
           Spanish (add your contact info and contact info for Dana Wood)

16-19 Discrimination Complaint Procedures under WIOA

16-20 Federal Income Guidelines


15-01  Revised TAA Training Approval Process

15-02 Employer Engagement

15-03 Rights to file a Complaint under WIOA
          ACHIEVE Program
          SC Works Upstate

15-04 Impact of Approved WIA Waivers under WIOA

15-05 WIOA Participant Insurance (replaces 13-07)

15-05, Amendment I WIOA Participant Insurance

15-06 Decrease in the Trade Adjustment Assistance Mileage Reimbursement 

15-07 Effective Use of Initial Assessments for Wagner-Peyser Customers

15-08 Expungement Application Process for General Sessions (replaces 13-15)

15-09 GED Attainment and Occupational Training

15-10 SC Works Upstate Internal and External Communication Policy (replaces 11-15)

15-11 Locally Defined Youth Characteristics

15-12 Youth Eligibility and Suitability

15-13 Basic Skills Deficient (Adult)

15-14 Internal Emergency Notification Procedure

15-15 Amendment 1 WIOA Priority of Service & Suitability

15-17 Youth Program Changes Under WIOA

15-17, Change I Youth Program Changes Under WIOA

15-18 Participant Data Changes


14-01 Upstate LWIA Application Procedures for State & Local WIA Eligible Training Providers (attachments below)
                         ETP Application Instructions
                         ETP Initial Application

14-02 OJT - DOL Waiver

14-03 Amendment #1 Local IWT Policy (see attachments:

14-04 PY14 Local Performance Measures

14-05 Healthy Food Policy

14-06 SCWOS WIA Adult and Dislocated Worker Activity Code Changes

14-07 Selective Service

14-08 Increase in TAA Federal Mileage Reimbursement



13-01 WIA Participant File Storage

13-02 Amendment 1 Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

13-03 Amendment 1 Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan

13-04 Amendment 2 Upstate WIOA Supportive Services Policy

13-05 Paying for Repeat WIA Funded Training-Classes

13-06 Active Instruction Letters

13-08 Record Retention

13-09 DWU Early Warning Notice

13-10 PY12 Data Validation Elements

13-11 Preparing for the Affordable Healthcare Act

13-12 Amendment 2 Allowable Training Activities & Cost Limits for WIA Training

13-13 Amendment 1 Inventory Control
                   Transfer Form
                   Disposal Form
                   New Item Form

13-16  Amendment 1 Employer Accounts & Job Posting Policy

13-17 State/Local Sanctions Policy

13-18 Residency Policy for the Upstate WIA

13-19 To Request Technical Assistance & Site Visits

13-20 Tracking Training Related Employment

13-21 Participant Release of Information Form

13-23 Decrease in the Trade Adjustment Assistance Federal Mileage Reimbursement (EXPIRED) - See 14-08

13-24 Suitability Requirements for WIA

13-25  Refocused Roles and Responsibilities of JVSG Staff Change 1


12-01 Amendment 2 Revised Financial Status Report Supplement (FSR-S) Form

12-02 TAA Definition of Commuting Area

12-03 Complying with Non-discrimination Provisions Criminal Record Restrictions & Disparate Impact Based on Race & Nat'l Origin

12-04 Social Media Guidelines

12-06 Amendment 1 Use of Self-Attestation & Documentation Related to WIA Eligibility

12-07 Business Size Classification

12-08 Grant Modification Procedures

12-09 Amendment 2 TAA Participant Source Document Management

12-10 WIA Participant Data Changes


11-02 Guardian Signatures

11-04 One Stop Certification

11-05 Documenting Employer Services in Visual OneStop

11-07 Federal Bonding Program & Work Opportunity Tax Credit Resources

11-08 Participant Follow-up Policy

11-10 (Amendment 1)  Work Opportunity Tax Credits & Apprenticeship Training

11-10 Work Opportunity Tax Credits & Apprenticeship Training

11-11 PY10 WIA Data Validation Elements

11-12 Increase in Trade Adjustment Assistance Federal Mileage Reimbursement

11-13 Trade Participant File Management

11-14 SC Works Upstate Branding Guidelines & Expectations

11-16 Veterans & Eligible Persons Job Referral Priority

11-17 Veterans Gold Card Incentive

11-18 Credentials Policy

11-19 Selective Service Registration Requirements for WIA Funded Programs

11-20 SC Works Online Services Staff Credentials & System Integrity

11-22 SC Works Center Leadership Team Roles & Responsibilities & Functional Supervision

11-24 TAA Definition of the Commuting Area

11-25 Supportive Services Activity Record Usage in SCWOS


10-02 Leveraging Financial Aid towards Training Costs

10-03 Marketable Skills Waivers from Training

10-05 Use of IWT as Layoff Aversion Strategy

10-06 WIA Participant Lifetime ITA Cap


09-01 Eligible Training Provider List

09-03 GED Attainment & Occupational Training


08-02 Pre-Award Criteria: Business Relocation-Expansion

08-04 Definition of Satisfactory Progress

08-05 Participation in WIA by an Eligible Individual who is Currently in Default on a Student Loan

08-06 Updated EFL Values

08-07 Payment of Stipends Versus Wages for Work Experience

08-09 Definition of Substantial Layoff

08-10 Collection & Use of Social Security Numbers for WIA & TAA Participants


07-04 Vendor & Grantee-Subgrantee Training & Travel Expenses


06-04 Incentive Policy & Workforce Specialist Procedures


05-01 WIA Youth Scholarship Policy & Application Procedures


04-04 Self-Sufficiency Definition for the Upstate WIA


02-01 Amendment 1 - Drug Testing Policy



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