The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires that local areas develop a four-year action plan to align and integrate service delivery strategies that support the State's vision and strategic and operational goals. Local Boards and chief elected officials within an identified planning region must prepare, submit, and obtain approval of a single regional plan that incorporates local plans for each of the local areas within the planning region. Planning regions provide an opportunity for local workforce development areas to collaborate more formally within the larger regional economy to provide coordinated and efficient services to jobseekers and employers. WIOA requires the Governor to identify regions consisting of one or more local areas. The Upstate Workforce Board is part of the Greater Upstate Region. Also included are Worklink, Greenville, and Upper Savannah Development Boards.  Each Local Board is responsible for developing a local plan in partnership with the chief elected officials. Additionally, Local Boards and chief elected officials are required to engage in a regional planning process that results in the development of a regional plan which incorporates the local plans within the region.

The plans must identify and describe the policies, procedures, and workforce activities carried out in the region and local areas. Approval of the plans by the Local Board Chair and the signatory official were received last week. The WIOA law requires a 30-day public review and comment period for both plans. No comments were received. 

During the four-year lifecycle of the regional and local plans, local areas may be required to submit annual modifications to the plans as changes in regional and local conditions occur and as the State determines necessary. At a minimum, modifications for both regional and local plans will be required at the end of the first two-year period of the plans (i.e. June 30, 2018).

Below you can view our Regional and Local Plans. 

Regional Plan Cover Sheet

Regional Plan Signatures

Regional Plan (Revised)

Local Plan Cover Page/Signatures

Upstate Workforce Board Local Plan (Revised)

Local Plan Executive Summary 

Local Plan Attachments:

I     Resource Sharing Allocations
J    All service provider grants, including statements of work and budgets:





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