The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires that local areas amend their four-year action plans one time over the 4 year period. These plans should align and integrate service delivery strategies that support the State's vision and strategic and operational goals.

The Upstate Workforce Board is part of the Link Upstate Region. Also included are Worklink, Greenville, and Upper Savannah Development Boards. 

The plan modifications  must identify and describe the changes to policies, procedures, and workforce activities carried out in the region and local areas. Approval of the plan modificatons by the Local Board Chair are required.

The WIOA law requires a 7-day public review and comment period for both plans. Public comment will be held from May 15- 23. Comments may be emailed to Ms. Dana Wood (

Below you can view our DRAFT Regional and Local Plan modifications. Significant changes are highlighed in yellow. 

Regional Plan- DRAFT

Regional Plan Signatures 

Local Plan- DRAFT

Local Plan Signatures

Local Plan Attachments:

D    Youth Incentives policy -- YouthStop
E    Local training cap policy
F    Local definiton for youth who "require additional assistance"
G    Adult and Dislocated Worker Self-sufficiency definitions(s) for training 
H    Memorandum(s) of Understanding, including signature sheets - Pending signature for 2019
I     Infastructure Funding Agreement- Pending finalization for 2019
J    All service provider grants, including statements of work and budgets:


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