Freedom of Information Act Fees:

All fees associated with copying the request may not exceed the actual cost incurred by the Upstate Workforce Board.

There should be no copying charge for documents sent electronically.

Hourly charges for search, retrieval and redaction cannot exceed the prorated hourly rate of the lowest paid employee who has the necessary skills and training to perform the request. ($17.00/hour)

A deposit of 25% can be required before making copies.  Production time (30-35 days) begins to run from the date the deposit is received.  

Records can be withheld until the full cost is received.

It is the policy of the Upstate Workforce Board not to charge for the FOIA request unless it exceeds twenty-five (25) copied pages or two (2) hours of staff time.

Should the documents be on the Upstate Workforce Board website, this will comply to a FOIA request.

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