In compliance with the Stevens Amendment:

Funding details for award totals for program year 2023 (PY’23) are provided as follows and revised annually. Unless otherwise stipulated, all statements, news releases, requests for proposals, bid solicitations, visual presentations, and other applicable documents and programs are fully funded from federal sources.

The following grants are supported by the US Department of Labor (by way of the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce):

  • WIOA Adult: $574,364
  • WIOA Dislocated Worker: $658,594
  • WIOA Youth: $595,354 
  • Sector Strategies: $481,721.00
  • Educate, Build and Serve: $405,242
  • Rapid Response: $51,660.00
  • National Dislocated Worker: $370,479.00

    With 0% financed from state, local and or non-governmental sources.   

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