Logo for SC Works of the Greater Upstate.  Tagline; Bringing Employers and Job Seekers Together.

SC Works Upstate provides job seekers and employers of Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union Counties a central location to receive a wide array of employment services.

For the employer, these services include:  job listings, screening potential applicants, WIN and WorkKeys assessments, On the job training, Work Keys Job Profiling and Local Labor Market Data. Contact your nearest office for more details.

For the job seeker, these services include:  applying for unemployment insurance, resume assistance, job search workshops, career planning and education. Contact your nearest office for more details.

Walk-Ins are welcome. By working with the SC Works Upstate Partners, they are able to provide eligible residents and employers with valuable resources and services to fulfill their individual needs. The mission of the Centers are to provide a level of service to facilitate the attainment of meaningful employment consistent with clients interests and abilities. This is accomplished through helping make the connection between employers and job seekers.

SC Works In-Person Workshops - November 2023
SC Works Virtual Workshops - November 2023

Website: www.scworksupstate.com

SC Works Spartanburg (Comprehensive Center)
145 North Church Street (Entrance is on Commerce Street)
Spartanburg, SC 29306
Phone: (864) 764-1966 TTY:711
Fax: (864) 764-1619

SC Works Cherokee
111 C Tiffany Park
Gaffney, SC 29341
Phone: (864) 342-7207 TTY:711
Fax: (864) 902-1153

SC Works Union
300 East South Street
Union, SC 29379
Phone: (864) 427-4119 TTY:711
Fax: (864) 429-8690



SC Works is proud of the hard work their participants and staff perform each month.  Please take time to look over their monthly Updates below to learn more about who they are and what they do. 

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Progress Report - October 2023

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Progress Report - September 2023

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Progress Report - August 2023

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Just In Time - June 2023
Progress Report - June 2023

Just In Time- May 2023
Progress Report - May 2023

Just In Time- April 2023
Progress Report - April 2023

Just In Time - March 2023
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Just In Time- February 2023
Progress Report - February 2023

Just In Time- January 2023
Progress Report - January 2023

Just In Time- December 2022
Progress Report- December 2022

Just In Time - November 2022
Progress Report - November 2022

Just In Time - October 2022
Progress Report - October 2022

Just In Time- September 2022
Progress Report - September 2022

Just In Time - August 2022
Progress Report - August 2022

Just In Time - July 2022
Progress Report - July 2022

Just In Time - June 2022
Progress Report - June 2022

Just In Time- May 2022
Progress Report - May 2022

Just In Time- April 2022
Progress Report- April 2022

Just In Time- March 2022
Progress Report - March 2022

Just In Time- February 2022
Progress Report- February 2022

Just In Time- January 2022
Progress Report- January 2022

Just In Time- December 2021
Progress Report- December 2021

Just In Time - November 2021
Progress Report - November 2021

Just In Time- October 2021
Progress Report - October 2021

Just In Time- September 2021
Progress Report - September 2021

Just In Time - August 2021
Progress Report - August 2021 

Just In Time- July 2021
Progress Report- July 2021


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