Logo for The ACHIEVE Program.  The tagline says 'A Program of the Upstate Youth Alliance'
The ACHIEVE (Academic Challenges Helping Individuals Expand Values and Education) Program is administered by the University of South Carolina Upstate. They are an educational and employment program that serves high school dropouts (ages 16 - 24) from Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union counties.The Program is also open to high school graduates who are unemployed/underemployed and/or need basic skills improvement.

The ACHIEVE Program works with out-of-school youth by helping them work towards completing their education, finding employment and enhancing their self-esteem in order that they might become productive citizens.

Some services include:

GED Program
Participants receive individualized and group instruction in writing, science, social studies, literature and math in preparation for the GED exam.

Pre-Employment Training
Participants learn the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the working world. This training will consist of preparing resumes, completing applications, practicing interview skills, learning to maintain a job and taking the WIN Learning Assessment.

Life Skills
Participants learn about nutrition, family planning, positive social behaviors, drug abuse, consumer credit and the court system.

Job Placement
This service helps participants find and keep unsubsidized jobs (work experience jobs are available).

Transportation is available to and from the training site in Spartanburg

Eligibility Requirements

  • 16- 24 years of age
  • High school dropout and/or high school graduates seeking basic skill improvements
  • Resident of Cherokee, Spartanburg or Union county
  • Must meet federal standards for eligibility and supply requested documentation for certification into the program.


145 North Church Street, Suite 128 
Spartanburg, SC 29306

Mailing Address:
800 University Way
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Phone: 864-680-6664 TTY: 711

Website: https://www.uscupstate.edu/outreach/achieve/





ACHIEVE is proud of the hard work their youth participants and staff perform each month.  Please take time to look over their monthly updates below to learn more about who they are and what they do. 

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