The Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program provides funding for training needed in current businesses due to: expansion, new technology, retooling, new services/product lines and new organizational structuring or as part of a layoff aversion strategy. IWT may also fund training in new businesses if those jobs are ineligible for assistance through ReadySC™. However, there will be a waiting period of 120 days for new or expanding businesses that displaced workers elsewhere in the United States. IWT is funded by the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Applications are open to all South Carolina businesses meeting the guidelines listed below.

2016 IWT Solicitation

2016 IWT Solicitation #2 February 27, 2017

It is the desire of the Upstate WIB to fund one IWT Training Agreement in each of  county of our service area (Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union). Please take that into consideration when completing your applicaiton.

Local IWT Policy

IWT Attachment A - Program Funding Application In past years, there have been errors on the budget sheet regarding the required employer match. You are highly encouraged to contact Ms. Johnnie Lynn Crosby (  for assistance with the form prior to submitting your application. Applications that are incomplete and/or contain an incorrect budget form will be excluded from the review process and deemed ineligible for IWT funds.

IWT Attachment B - Guidelines

IWT Attachment C - PreAward Review

IWT Attachment D - Conflict of Interest Statement

IWT Attachment E - Scoring Sheet

IWT Attachment F - Application Summary Sheet

IWT Attachment G- Local Grant Package

IWT Attachment H - W9 Form

IWT Attachment I - Grant Routing Sheet

IWT Attachment J - Business Forms Package

IWT Attachment K - Monitoring Report

IWT Attachment L - Agreement Modification

IWT Attachment M - Monthly Report Cover

IWT Attachment N - Quarterly Expenditure Report

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