• Board Meeting - March 25, 2024
    Full meeting of the Upstate Workforce Board. read more »

  • Youth Committee Meeting - April 30, 2024
    The Youth Committee is designated to oversee the needs of our youth participants. They are responsible for reviewing and recommending policies related to WIOA youth services. They are also responsible for reviewing budgets related to current youth programs and approving budget modifications. read more »

  • Disabilities Committe Meeting - May 7, 2024
    The mission of the Disabilities Committee is to make recommendations to the full Upstate WIB on its full range of disability access issues and to suggest ways to facilitate the participation of consumers with disabilities. This Committee is intended to provide an effective means for participants with interests in this area to exchange ideas and develop recommendations for accessibility solutions, which will in turn enhance the board’s policy making on disability access issues. read more »

  • One Stop Committee Meeting - May 10, 2024
    The OneStop Committee is comprised of local Upstate Workforce Board members. They are responsible for ensuring the local SC Works system fits into the UWB’s strategic plan to address the upstate area’s workforce needs. They develop and recommend practices to align local service delivery with the UWB overall strategic intent. They also review and recommend procedures and policies of the SC Works OneStop system and make recommendations to the full UWB on modifications to the SC Works Operators grant read more »

  • Board Meeting - June 3, 2024
    Full meeting of the Upstate Workforce Board. read more »

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