The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires that local areas develop a four-year action plan (and update it every 2 years) to align and integrate service delivery strategies that support the State's vision and strategic and operational goals.

WIOA requires the Governor to identify regions consisting of one or more local areas. The Upstate Workforce Board is part of the Greater Upstate Region. Also included are Worklink, Greenville, and Upper Savannah Development Boards. The plans must identify and describe the policies, procedures, and workforce activities carried out in the region and local areas. 

Below you can view our Local and Regional Plans with all supporting documentation.  

Local Plan

Section I Attachment I-A
Section I Attachment I-B
Section I Attachment I-C
Section III Attachment III- A
Section III Attachment III-B
Section V Attachment V-A
Section V Attachment V-B
Section V Attachment V-C
Section V Attachment V-D
Section V Attachment V-E
Section V Attachment V-F
Section V Attachment V-G
Section V Attachment V-H
Section V Attachment V-I
Section V Attachment V-J
Section V Attachment V-K
Section V Attachment V-L
Section V Attachment V-M
Section V Attachment V-N
Section V Attachment V-O
Section V Attachment V-P
Section V Attachment V-Q

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Attachment B
Attachment B-1
Attachment B-2
Attachment B-3
Attachment B-4
Attachment B-5
Attachment B-6

Regional Plan 


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